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Philips Norelco 7810 VS Philips SpeedXL Norelco 8240

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Philips Norelco 3d Electric razor is without a doubt an integral part of a new company-wide movement to go more environmentally friendly! An individual has a lot of options when you go to invest in a best electric shaver. Philips norelco is definitely assisting you to make the pick a green one.

This electric shaver is one that has a precision cutting system. It has shaver heads that are ultra thin with slots that shave long hair. And, for short hair stubble, there also are holes to shave it. These two are just some of the main distinguishing features that set the Norelco 7810 from other mens electric shavers.

The Philips Speed-XL Norelco 8240 specifically has a lot of good reviews from the people using it. That is why many people tend to purchase it as well and experience the quality shave it gives. Among the very few mens electric shavers having similar features, you may experience a fast end effective shave at the same time with the Norelco 8240 in particular.

The Norelco 7810 also employs system on patented reflex action shaving. This system does the trick by being able to adjust to the curves that you have on your face automatically. This automatic adjustment allows you to experience flexible and smooth shaving.

You should remember to keep the 3 shaver heads in close contact with your skin all the while to ensure that you get a fast end efficient shave. With flexible shaver heads, adjusting to every curve found on your face and neck is also another one of the things the Norelco 8240 can do. And take note, it does not give you razor burns.

People who have used the Philips Norelco 7810 shaver recommend this product. They say it is a great razor for the price you get it for. It gives the user the ease of use and comfort in the shaving process.

The life of its battery is long. The Norelco 8240 can hold a charge for several days, thus making it very convenient for travel use. But, the downside to it is that the shaver does not have a battery indicator to warn you if it already has low battery power. Though, the case of the product is reported to be flimsy, and the brush to be used for cleaning is too small for comfort.

Who all knew a power shaver would help the environment? For that reason, next time you go to the food market to get new blades – stop and think – is now the time for you to make the change to a power shaver? You can actually go green with a Philips Norelco 3d Shaver now.